Crypto License in Ireland

Digital currencies have not been perceived by the inhabitants of Europe as something unique for several years. The cryptocurrency business in the EU is gaining significant momentum. Among all countries in the European Union, Ireland has the most favorable options, including local laws and moderate taxes. More than 430 financial service providers are in the country’s jurisdiction, including some well-known crypto industries, such as Coinbase and Gemini. Ireland welcomes the use of digital currency in various areas of life and offers optimal conditions for obtaining a crypto license Ireland. The company can act as a gateway for cryptocurrency trading by getting permission.

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies is that cryptocurrencies can only exist in digital form. Sometimes cryptocurrencies are also referred to as “virtual assets.” This term refers to any digital representation of value that can be sold, transferred, or used for payment or investment purposes. Another essential difference between fiat and digital currencies is in their regulation. There is a vast difference in the license and permissions for transactions, currency exchange, and the security of individuals using digital currencies.

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Cryptocurrency License Regulation in Ireland

In this jurisdiction, there are no strict rules or prohibitions to regulate the crypto industry. However, for your organization to operate legally, you must register with the Central Bank.

Licensing application processing time 9 months
State fee for applying 50 euro
Required share capital from 25 000 euros
Physical office Necessary
Accounting audit Necessary
Staff Necessary
Corporate income tax 12,5%
Annual Supervision Fee No

How to Register a Crypto Currency Exchange License in Ireland

When it comes to exchanging cryptocurrencies, what matters is not the license in its traditional sense. In this case, the company must be authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland. This is a must for any company that plans to provide services related to virtual assets. Companies that have passed authorization are entitled to the following operations:

Benefits of Obtaining an Ireland Cryptocurrency License

Ireland strives to remain one of those countries that always walks hand in hand with all the technological advances in the world. Here are some of the best opportunities to trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies in demand in the European Union. Thanks to optimal laws and regulations, registering new companies does not take much time and is very simple and convenient. As a result, many successful companies operating in the financial industry have chosen Ireland as their legal base for their operations. It should be further noted that Ireland has a favorable tax system, offering a relatively low tax rate of 12.5%. Also, a license allows you to freely conduct active activities and not receive additional permits for activities. There are several primary advantages, namely:

You can learn more about registering a company and applying for a license later in this article.

Crypto Licensing Requirements

It is not to say that this jurisdiction sets very complex requirements for applicants. If you want to work with cryptocurrency in Ireland, you need to:

So, you must make a comprehensive risk assessment and consider them in your business. Your business plan should have a section where you describe all the risks and how to deal with them. Also, you should have the tools to check your clients. Each person who registers on your platform must provide an identity document.  The system should check the details of this customer. If they have previously been involved in fraud or money laundering, you cannot provide your services to them. You must also store all customer and transaction data, and if you notice suspicious activity, you must report it to the appropriate regulatory authorities. As you can see, if you are ready to work honestly and openly and follow the rules, there will be no particular problems with licensing.

Crypto License Ireland: Regulatory System and Licensed Financial Services

As mentioned earlier, all companies that plan to conduct any trading operations with virtual currencies must obtain an appropriate license. All companies must maintain confidentiality and comply with international security standards. These entities fall under the Irish Money Laundering Network (AML) and the Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Network. All rules set by these organizations must be followed. The license for any activity related to cryptocurrencies is issued and controlled by the Central Bank of Ireland. It’s a bit different from the standard support you might be used to seeing

Opening a Crypto Company in Ireland

The most appropriate type of company to conduct digital currency-related activities is a private limited company. To register your activity, you should adhere to the following algorithm:

A more detailed procedure for registration will be known during the company registration process and may vary depending on the type of activity.

VASP Registration

First, let’s understand what VASP is. So, these organizations are engaged in the exchange of digital assets for fiat or other cryptocurrencies, store digital assets, and participate in the provision of financial services related to the offer of issuers or the sale of virtual currencies.

You fall under this category if you profit from exchanging, selling, or holding crypto assets.

Crypto organizations that want to operate in this jurisdiction must register with the Central Bank. The primary purpose of the regulator is to check how your company is ready to comply with anti-money laundering and financial terrorism requirements.

Before you apply, you need to collect a large package of documents, including detailed information about all your employees and partners and funding bullets for your project.

To be registered, your organization must go through several essential steps:

Suppose Ireland’s cryptocurrency regulation considers that you still need to complete a complete package of documents. In that case, this may submit a formal application to you about what changes need to be made.

Regulatory authorities respond to registration. There are 3 options:

If crypto regulations have decided to deny you, they have 3 weeks to give you a full report on why they made such a decision.

Reporting requirements

Your organization is required to report regularly on its activities. Particular attention is paid here to compliance with anti-money laundering requirements. Your organization must monitor customer transactions, and as soon as it notices unusual activity, your specialists must report it to the appropriate regulatory authorities. In addition, Ireland’s crypto organizations must undergo a full independent audit once a year. The results of this are submitted along with the annual return. Several companies are exempt from audit; their list includes:

The above conditions must be applied to the current financial year.

Appointment of Persons to Leadership Positions

All standards of integrity and suitability apply to persons who will hold leadership positions in the company and carry out essential activities or represent the company’s interests. This primarily applies to money laundering policies and other prohibited activities. Persons who perform supervisory functions on behalf of the company must comply with the standards specified in the Central Bank Reform Act 2010. The person must be of impeccable reputation and meet the standards of fitness and integrity of the Central Bank.

Taxation of Cryptocurrency Projects in Ireland

Taxation of crypto-currency projects in Ireland Today, the activities of companies are subject to capital gains tax at a rate of 33% of profits. For legal entities, taxable income will be taxed at 12.5%. Cryptocurrencies are exempt from VAT, as they are considered negotiable instruments. Therefore, individuals engaged in the exchange of cryptocurrencies are not obliged to pay VAT. If transactions are made in cryptocurrencies, then they are converted into euros, according to the Irish tax system.

Types of business entities

There are several types of business entities in this jurisdiction. Crypto organizations must fit the following types:

The choice depends on the characteristics of your organization and the management architecture itself. You can contact our specialists if you need help understanding which of these subjects suits you best.

Requirements for Obtaining a Crypto License in Ireland

If you plan to register your company’s activities, you should contact the Central Bank first. For your application to be approved, the decision-making panel must verify the following points:

Additional formal requirements apply to senior VASP employees. In addition, a company applying for registration must appoint at least one senior executive director, physically based in Ireland, who will act as a contact person with the Central Bank.

Requirements for the Origin and Volume of Activity

All companies that provide any services in relation to digital currencies must be registered with the Central Bank to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. If a company changes the direction of its activity and plans to operate as a PUVA, it must register with the Central Bank as a PUVA. The Central Bank of Ireland undertakes to process all incoming applications for registration as soon as possible. At the same time, the Central Bank also strictly and effectively performs the functions of a controller.

Official Process for Setting up a Financial Services Company in Ireland

Step-by-step instructions on creating and registering a company for financial services in Ireland are described above. However, the specific authorization procedure may differ from that described above and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. First, you should familiarize yourself with all the legal documents that regulate this industry or seek professional help.

Tips for Companies Before Applying for a VASP Authorization

Before applying for registration of its activities, the applicant is advised to ensure that his company and services comply with the points below:

Suppose all the points confirm your type of activity. In that case, you can collect the documents in the article, apply for company registration, and obtain a crypto currency exchange license.

The Process of Applying for a Crypto License in Ireland

As you may have noticed, the application process for a financial services company can vary depending on the scope and nature of the services the company intends to provide. However, the license application process is quite simple:

If there are no comments, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter by email as soon as possible.

The Cost of a Cryptocurrency License in Ireland

If you are afraid of the complicated procedure of registering a company and obtaining a cryptolicense license for activities related to digital currencies, you can resort to the help of professionals. Professionals will help you prepare a quality business plan, collect relevant documents, and apply for authorization. The cost of such services may vary depending on the tariff plan. However, the average price on the market is approximately 65,000 euros.

Benefits of this jurisdiction

Opening a business in this jurisdiction has a large number of advantages. Registration here allows you to work legally throughout the EU, which means you can constantly increase the market. This country has very favorable taxation because the corporate tax here is one of the smallest among all European countries. In addition, there are tax incentives. Registering a company here is not difficult and takes a little time so that you can start your business as quickly as possible. Since there are no large requirements for authorized capital, this jurisdiction is suitable for large companies and small start-ups. In addition, having a business here gives you the right to get a residence permit faster.

In what regions can we be of assistance to you in obtaining a license?

Our team of experts can help you get licensed in many jurisdictions. We provide services for obtaining a crypto license and in the following jurisdictions:

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Does Ireland issue a license for cryptocurrency activities?

Yes. Any resident of the European Union can register a company and apply for a license.

How to get a cryptocurrency license in Ireland?

It is necessary to register a company in Ireland, have full-time staff, and comply with all the standards set by the Central Bank of Ireland.

How long does it take to get a license in Ireland?

The average processing time for an application is up to 9 months.

Can non-Ireland residents own a crypto company in Ireland?

Yes. However, the owner of the company must be a resident of a European Union country.

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