Cryptocurrency exchange license in Malta

Several jurisdictions in the EU issue work permits for crypto organizations. Many such firms prefer the Malta crypto license. Today we want to discuss the features of regulation of the crypto industry in this jurisdiction, as well as tell you how to get a work permit in the shortest possible time.

Requirements for an organization to obtain a crypto permit

To get a crypto license in Malta, your organization must meet specific requirements. If you are willing to work honestly and openly, no problems should arise. Among the main conditions are the following:
  • Minimum authorized capital from 730 thousand euros;
  • Your organization must have a physical office in that country;
  • You must have a specialist in the fight against money laundering and financial terrorism.
In addition, your organization should not have employees who have a criminal record in the past. All employees must have specialized education and work experience in a relevant position. They must have an excellent reputation.

Registration fee

When you apply for a work permit, your organization must pay a state fee of 24,000 euros, regardless of the size of your organization.

Customer Data and assets protection

Many hackers are operating in the crypto market, so you should consider tools to protect assets and customer data. Please use encryption or other more reliable tools. You can separate your organization’s assets from client assets, which will allow you to make your firm’s operations more stable and protect your finances from hacker attacks.

Reporting Requirements

At least once a year, your organization must submit a report on its activities and undergo a comprehensive audit by an independent firm. Government agencies will carefully study your organization’s activities throughout the year and, if they notice errors, may refuse to renew your license.

License fee once a year

Each organization with a crypto currency exchange license must pay an annual monitoring fee. The amount of this fee depends on the income of the firm. If it exceeds one million euros, it will amount to 50 thousand euros; and if it exceeds the specified amount, it will be 55 thousand euros. At the moment, less than 20 crypto organizations have received permission to work here.


After you receive a crypto exchange license in Malta, your organization is required to pay taxes regularly. This jurisdiction has a reasonably complex taxation system, and you need to pay the following fees:
  • CIT – 35%;
  • VAT – 18%;
  • SD – 2-5%;
  • SSC – depends on the age and salary of the employee.
The corporate tax in this jurisdiction is the highest among all EU countries; however, there are many benefits, thanks to which you can save a lot.
You can contact our organization’s specialists if you find understanding this jurisdiction’s taxation features challenging. They will study your organization’s activities and tell you how much money you will be forced to pay and what benefits you qualify for.

The cost of a cryptocurrency permit

Obtaining a cryptolicense is quite an expensive process. You need to register an organization here, deposit money into a bank account as an authorized capital, pay state fees and pay for the services of lawyers. If you want to know the exact cost of obtaining a work permit, you can contact the specialists at our company. They will tell you the precise cost of such a service.

Benefits of obtaining a permit

Crypto license Malta has a lot of advantages. Firstly, this was the first European country that began to develop rules for regulating cryptocurrencies. It has already created the legal framework, which means that drastic changes should not be expected. This jurisdiction demonstrates a progressive approach to regulating the crypto industry, which appeals to many crypto enthusiasts.

Secondly, this jurisdiction has prestige and worldwide recognition. If you get a work permit here, it will be much easier for you to attract new clients and investors, as they know they can resolve all disputes in the legal field.

Thirdly, VAT does not apply to cryptocurrency exchange transactions, but you must pay this tax if you pay for goods or services using such assets.

This country has excellent economic performance and an excellent investment climate. There is no unnecessary bureaucracy and corruption here, so doing business here is more straightforward than anywhere else. In general, if you want to open a company in a progressive country where you can actively develop your business and attract new clients and investors, then this country will be an excellent solution for you.

How to open a crypto business in this country?

It will be challenging to open a business in this country. To begin with, you need to carefully consider the business model, what services you plan to provide and how you will finance it. You must think through the activities of your organization to the smallest detail. Please analyze the market in advance and look at the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors.

Creating software to store users’ assets and execute transactions would be best. When developing this product, you need to consider tools for data verification and combating money laundering, fraud, and financial terrorism. Particular attention must be paid to security issues. It would help if you also created a large repository to store a large amount of customer and transaction data.

Now you can register your company in the chosen jurisdiction. All documents can be submitted remotely.

To get a work permit, you need to collect the necessary papers and check whether your organization is ready for licensing and meets all the requirements of state regulators. Please involve third-party specialists in this so that there is an outside view.

You also need to open a bank account and pay the state fee. Although the crypto business has many risks, local banks open accounts for organizations without problems.

You also need to rent an office and hire local specialists. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of personnel. Employees must have specialized education, work experience in the relevant position, and an impeccable reputation. The office should store all documents on the work of the organization.

After the preparatory stage is completed, you can apply for a permit. Government authorities have several months to study your company’s activities and decide. If they have questions, they can contact you with a formal letter so that you can fix minor violations. In this case, the term for consideration of your application may be extended.

As you can see, it is challenging to go through all these stages without qualified assistance, so we advise you to seek help from our specialized lawyers.

Services of our company

If you want to get a work permit to use Malta cryptocurrency, you can contact our organization’s specialists. They will conduct a full consultation and tell you how to make your company meet the requirements of government agencies.

They will also help you with paperwork and find suitable office and local specialists.


To work legally in the EU, you must obtain a work permit in a prestigious and globally recognized jurisdiction. There are remarkably progressive rules for regulating the crypto industry, which will allow your business to develop actively and attract investors. Our specialists will be able to accompany your organization at all stages of licensing, which will enable you to obtain a work permit as soon as possible.


Yes, this jurisdiction was one of the first to take steps to regulate the crypto industry, and today has achieved excellent results.

To register an organization, you must collect a package of documents and apply to the relevant state authorities. Our experts will help you organize the necessary papers and represent your interests in government agencies.

Yes, this jurisdiction issues financial licenses, including crypto organizations.

On average, the licensing process takes 3 to 4 months, provided that you prepare all the documents in advance and create an organization, considering government agencies’ requirements.